Cleaning Pet Stains, Anaheim, CA

Cleaning Pet Stains, Anaheim, CA

I was talking to a friend the other day, who like myself, has a few dogs and cats. We were chatting about the upcoming weather and closing the windows in our homes for the next 6 months.  She asked me how to keep her carpets looking great and smelling fresh while the windows were closed for the winter and her pets coming in and out of the house.  So here are a few tips and tricks to keeping those carpets looking great and smelling fresh.


Vacuum your carpets once a week:

Our pets are going to leave behind hair and dander.  This hair and dander can leave an odor on your carpets.  Make sure to vacuum your carpets at least once a week.  When you vacuum you should always follow a north/south and east/west pattern.  Make sure to go slowly so allow the beater bar and vacuum to do its job.

Sometimes there is just too much hair to vacuum.  Wrapping some tape around a paint roller with a long broom handle is like using a giant lint roller.  This makes the hair removal process before vacuuming much easier.  You may need to replace the tape a few times, but it will make quick work for this job.

Cleaning Pet Stains:

We all work hard at house training our pets, but mistakes will happen.  Urine, feces, vomit or blood stains can all be difficult to remove.  You want to treat these stains as quick as possible before the stains sent into the carpet fibers and pad.  Sometimes that’s just not possible for one reason or another.  The very best way to treat these stains with hot water rinse and extraction.  You want to stay away from a steam cleaner, as this could set the stain deeper into the fibers and making it almost impossible to remove without professional help.

Removing Pet Odor:

We all know the best way to prevent odor in your carpets is by cleaning up the mess as soon as possible.  Sometimes that just doesn’t happen and the mess may sit there for one reason or another.  After the mess is cleaned, there is a lingering odor.  One way to prevent this is to spray a little white vinegar to the affected area while cleaning up the mess.  The vinegar helps neutralized any odors.

If you notice there’s still an odor after the vinegar dries, sprinkle some baking soda on the soiled area, wait 15 to 30 minutes and then vacuum.  Baking soda is a well-known deodorizer.

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