Pet/Odor Stain Removal


Pets spend a lot of rough-and-tumble, warm-and-cuddle time on our carpets and rugs. Besides shedding hair, which is easily be vacuumed, our furry friends can leave behind stains and odors that need professional attention in order to preserve the beauty and longevity of your carpeting.

PET ACCIDENTS CLEANING in Anaheim & Orange County

Pet urine can severely damage carpet and upholstery. Pet Odor Stain Removal, is an important step in making sure your carpet’s smell fresh.  Not only is it unsightly, but pet urine contamination is unhealthy. At Orange County Carpet & Tile Cleaning, our specially trained technicians are experts in treating pet stains and removing pet odors.


Our powerful and effective cleaning methods are often enough to remove many types of spots, including pet accidents. For urine accidents that have set, however, we can’t guarantee a stain will be completely removed.

To understand the nature of carpet stains, consider stains on clothing. For example, if you spill bleach on colored clothing, the dye is actually removed. The stain is permanent. If you spill ketchup on clothing, the clothing is stained (or the color from the ketchup dyes the clothing fibers). The stain may not be permanent, depending on how quickly and in what manner you treat the stain.

Similarly, urine accidents on carpet, depending on chemical composition, can either bleach (remove dye) or stain (add dye). We offer stain treatment as part of our professional services, but we can’t guarantee a stain can be completely removed, since the nature and severity of the stain varies from one stain to the next. What we can guarantee, however, is that we will attempt to remove the stain using either a spray treatment with a ten-minute set time or a saturation treatment with a thirty-minute soak time.


Pet stains cultivate bacteria growth and cause a lingering odor, which can be identified as ammonia gas. Sometime pet accidents dry up and disappear without the owner’s knowledge. Orange County Carpet & Tile Cleaning can locate these invisible spots using high intensity black lights and determine the most effective treatment. Orange County Carpet Cleaning & Tile Cleaning offers the following three levels of pet odor removal.


For odors from a recent pet accident, topical treatments are used. This process includes the use of a urine neutralizer treatment, followed by an anti-microbial or bio-enzyme product. We then finish with our detailed carpet cleaning process.


A sub-surface treatment is used when urine saturates both the carpet backing and pad and permeates into the sub-floor. Orange County Carpet Cleaning of Anaheim & Orange County technicians use an anti-microbial solution to soak the carpet, pad and sub-floor, followed by an extraction process using a water claw system to remove 80% of the moisture, while simultaneously flushing out all urine salts and bacteria. Once this is complete, we follow with a thorough carpet cleaning.


If a carpet or rug is heavily contaminated with odors, we pull the carpet up, clean the back, remove and discard padding, then clean and seal the sub-floor. New carpet padding is installed, your carpet is re-stretched and given a vigorous cleaning.